Leazes Park Angling Association Constitution

  1. Name: the name of the group shall be The Leazes Park Angling Association.
  2. Objects: the objects of the association are: a) to promote the benefits of the inhabitants of Tyneside and surrounding areas by associating voluntary organisations, local authorities, statutory authorities and the private sector in a common effort to advance education and to improve facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time activities especially but not exclusively with and emphasis on angling. b) To support registered charity by donation.
  3. Powers: in order to further the objects the association shall have the power to a) Employ and pay staff b) Acquire and dispose of property (subject to any consents required by law) c) Invest funds in any lawful manner provided that professional investment advice is obtained whenever it is prudent to do so d) Raise funds by any lawful means except permanent trading e) Accept gifts either for the general purpose of the Association or for the specific purpose within connected with the Objects f) Do anything within the law which is necessary in carrying out the Objects.
  4. Membership: a) Membership shall be open to any individual aged 17 or over who agrees with the objects of the Association and pays any subscription set by the Executive Committee b) Every member shall have a vote c) If the Executive Committee consider that a members conduct is harmful to the Association it may require the member concerned to put his, her or their case to a meeting of the Executive Committee d) Where the Executive Committee is satisfied after hearing their case put by or on behalf of the member concerned that the member should leave the association it may terminate that membership by written notice and that notice is final. e) The Executive committee may make provision for non-voting categories of membership including junior members, associate membership and honorary membership, and set the subscription payable (if any).
  5. The Executive Committee: a) The Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee of not less that four and not more than ten members. b) The Executive Committees officers shall include a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Fisheries Officer and any other officers that the Executive Committee shall decide. c) The Executive Committee shall meet not less that four times a year and a formal record of the meetings shall be kept. d) Four members shall be a quorum e) each member shall have one vote, and if the vote is tied the Chair shall have a second casting vote. f) The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to three members on to The Executive Committee to fill vacant places until the next Annual General Meeting. Each co-opted member has a vote
  6. General Meetings: a) The Secretary shall give two months notice of a General Meeting to all members. b) All members shall be entitled to attend and vote at the meeting. c) Twenty members, or a quarter of the membership whichever is smaller, shall be a quorum. d) A formal record of a General Meeting shall be kept. e) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in December every year or as soon as possible afterwards, when a report of the years activities and accounts shall be presented. f) Nominations for Officers and Committee members shall be made at the AGM. g) Officers and Committee shall be elected on a show of hands and serve from the end of the AGM to the end of the following AGM. h) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Executive Committee. If 10% of members request such a meeting in writing the Secretary must call one.
  7. Finance: a) All funds belonging to the to or raised by the Association must be used in furthering the Objects b) The Treasurer shall keep an account of all income and expenditure and shall present examined accounts at the AGM. c) An Independent Examiner, who is not a member of the Association, shall be appointed to examine the accounts. d) There shall be one or more bank or building society accounts in the name of the Association. Cheques must be signed by two committee members, who must not be related. e) Executive Committee members may make reasonable out-of-pocket expenses on terms approved by the Executive committee, No other payments shall be made members of the Association.
  8. Property: If the Association acquires any land, building investments or any other property of a permanent nature, the legal title to that property must be transferred to a corporate body as holding trustee (or in the case of freehold land, invested in Official Custodian for Charities)
  9. Notices: a) Whenever notice has to be given to the members of the Association under the provisions of this Constitution it must be delivered either by hand or by post to the individual members of the Association. b) Whenever any notice is required to be given to the Executive Committee it must be delivered by hand or sent by post to the Secretary. c) Whenever any notice is given by post it is deemed to have been received 48 hours after posting.
  10. Amendments: The Constitution may be amended by a two thirds majority pf members present and voting at a General Meeting (Annual or Extraordinary) provided that notice of the proposed amendments has been sent to all members with the notice of the meeting.
  11. Dissolution: a) A resolution to dissolve the Association must be approved by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at a General Meeting provided that 2 months notice of the proposed dissolution has been sent to all members. b) In the event of a resolution to dissolve the Association any assets remaining after the clearing of debts and liabilities shall be given to an Association or group having similar objects, or, if this cannot be done to any charitable purpose.
  12. A copy of this constitution shall be made available to all members.
The above constitution was approved at an Annual General Meeting held at the Belle Grove Hotel, Spital Tongues on the 4th December 2002.

Leazes Park Angling Association Club Rules

  1. All anglers must observe all regulations of the E.A.
  2. Members must cause no damage, deposit no litter, nor light fires and are expected to prevent such behaviour in others. Any person found leaving litter will be suspended immediately from the club for a one year period. Anyone found leaving discarded line will be banned for life.
  3. Members should not land on the island (unless its a work party) and should prevent others from doing so where possible.
  4. No angling from watercraft
  5. No swimming allowed in the lake.
  6. Any member found infringing the associations rules or jeopardising the fishing rights will be asked to attend a hearing and may face expulsion.
  7. Members must carry their membership cards and E.A licence at all times when fishing the associations waters, anyone found fishing without the documents may be ejected.
  8. Keepnets and landing nets must be a minimum length of 6ft long and made of knotless material, Members must not overcrowd keepnets and must ensure the wellbeing of their catch at all times.
  9. Inspection of keepnets and their contents by committee or bailiffs at any time is permissible on production of appropriate I.D.
  10. Members must adopt a responsible attitude to members of the public and must endeavour to avoid injury to the latter in any way.
  11. Wading is not allowed.
  12. Absolutely no strange fish are to be introduced to the waters of the association without the permission of the committee. Pike/ zander and game fish should be removed from association waters if caught.
  13. All native fish to be returned alive to the associations water at the end of the fishing session.
  14. No spinning allowed after the time of 9am until dusk.
  15. Landing nets must be used to prevent injury to the fish.
  16. The lake will be closed 2 hours before any authorised match and for the duration of said match.
  17. The use of live baiting in all forms is forbidden (maggots, casters and worms are acceptable).
  18. The use of freshwater molluscs is forbidden.
  19. No baited lines to be left unattended at any time.
  20. Split shot shall be of the non toxic or lead substitute material.
  21. Hooks used for carp must be barbless ( if it does not pass through material without snagging its not allowed) and bent shank hooks are forbidden.
  22. No carp of any size are to be retained in keepnets except in official club matches and those fish must not exceed 2lb in weight, all other carp are to be returned alive immediately after weighing, this does not apply to crucians.
  23. Rules relating to the fishing of matches are to be explained verbally by match officials before the draw.
  24. The club has a 2 rod limit between April 1st and October 31st, between November 1st and March 31st it is acceptable to use 3 rods.
  25. Membership is from January 1st to December 31st yearly. Please ensure you send your I.D card and S.A.E to the membership secretary when renewing by post or online. There will also be a membership renewal night in January (dates to be notified), members wishing to use the car park must be in possession of a council issued permit and must use the marked parking bays.
  26. Anglers fishing specifically for carp must use a suitable soft unhooking mat with a minimum size of 30x18 inches to prevent damage to fish, Anglers will also require a deep specimen landing net with a minimum dimension of 36 inches, All anglers are encouraged to carry an unhooking mat at all times even if you are not specifically fishing for carp.
  27. No baited hooks to be left unattended
  28. Tinned cans e.g sweet corn, meat etc are not permitted on the bank, such baits should be stored in appropriate bait containers.
  29. No angling from the jetty when boats are in operation, members will be asked to vacate the area when required.
  30. All committee and bailiffs to receive discounted membership as and when possible (financial status of the club)
  31. When fishing you may not leave your rods unattended, a maximum distance of 30yds either side of your peg is your boundary, failure to adhere to this rule will result in committee action.
  32. All leaders are banned that includes leadcore, safezone etc. The use of tubing is prefered but naked lines are acceptable.
  33. Carp Angling sessions are restricted to a maximum of 48 hours. a gap of 24 hours is required before you fish again.
  34. All children aged 14 or below MUST be acompanied by an adult at all times regardless of membership status.

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